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My wife and I used Jeff Walker Photography to create a print for our home after finding the perfect image on his Instagram page. We loved his work and after seeing “Maui Dreams”, we knew it had to be printed for our home. The wall space we had available was quite large and we settled on 84" x 48".  We found very little help online and from other companies and photographers to help us create a print of that size. Jeff took our project over and handled every aspect of the printing and shipping process. All we had to do was mount the print on 2 small screws as the metal is extremely lightweight.
My wife and I have been extremely satisfied with Jeff and his attention to detail. He even followed up to make sure we were satisfied with our print.
Jeff has a way of capturing the image you remember from the place you want to go back to.     
-Keri & Greg Messer, Seattle.   March 17
Purchased 84"x48" Maui Dreams as shown below

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The details below will educate you on the process of purchasing your metal or acrylic print. 

Step 1: Browse through this website or my Instagram page

Step 2: Find an image and look at the space where you'd like to mount it. 

Step 3: Contact me here with an email about your future print! We'll work out the fine details and your print will be delivered in 10-14 days. 

Send an image of your desired location. Please include a reference measurement (example 76" couch or queen bed). I will return a digital mockup of the print in various sizes on your wall. 

You have 7 days to take it home and decide. If the image doesn’t fit perfectly into your home, for any reason, bring it back for a credit or exchange for any other print.

The prints are guaranteed to last over 75 years. If you find any fading or discolouration at any time, I will send a replacement free of charge. On top of the print longevity, the images are sealed with an additional clear coat or acrylic glass, further increasing its durability and lifespan.  

I guarantee every print to be of the highest quality. Traditional paper and canvas mediums tend to age quickly and never represent an accurate portrayal of the scene, which is why the aluminum format is used. You will not find a higher quality print anywhere else except for the same format in other high end galleries. Ask about the printing process anytime, I love discussing all the intricate steps to produce the prints!

Windex or any chemicals are not recommended. I always use a microfibre cloth.


Send me an email here