I grew up watching Bob Ross paint “puffy little clouds” during my lunch breaks in elementary school. While not picking up a camera until many years later, my Moms’ passion for painting can be seen in some of my images today.

My photography started in 2008 during a trip to the Grand Canyon. Instantly hooked by the colourful rocks, I began to see the world in a different way. Then came a trip to Hawaii and WOW did I fall in love with shooting underwater. Sharing a “moment” with a baby green sea turtle or randomly swimming across a 48,000 lb Humpback whale and its’ newborn calf can leave a lasting impact. Since then I’ve focused on the mountains and wildlife I grew up with, remembering old memories of biking with my parents around Canmore and Banff. My favourite memory as a child? Arriving at a new campground and immediately searching the area for new trails and wildlife.

Many of the locations I’ve photographed have been visited and revisited. Some up to 50 times before the light was perfect. All the scenes I shoot are real. Some of the more surreal images are made from ultra long exposures, which means 5-10 minutes long instead of a fraction of a second. This allows the lakes to calm and clouds to sweep by creating a painterly aesthetic. Ask me about this technique!

My passion for photography has turned to helping and teaching others about the fine art of long exposure imaging. This technique merges art with photography, allowing us to see the world from a different perspective. When not shooting I enjoy volleyball, mountain biking and developing software for other photographers to edit their own landscape images at SmartPhotography.com

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